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UNITED TELECOM ΑΕ offers integrated telecom solutions and secure networking to key accounts.


The experienced team of United Telecom may design and implement customized integrated solutions, covering the special needs of key accounts, with focus on data security, with accessible cost. CONSUMERIZATION OF IT youtube and MOBILE FIRST EVERYTHING youtube.


The corner stone of our philosophy is to stand by the customer all the way through and after the implementation as well, ensuring a high level and dedicated after sales service.

United Telecom is Business Partner to major Greek and international telecom operators, having in its portfolio a considerable number of key accounts, among them banks, multinational companies, large domestic enterprises as well as organizations of the wider public area.


Moreover, United Telecom is a Juniper Networks accredited partner, as well as a Ruckus Wireless Business Partner, offering integrated data security, secure networking, access control and other special solutions. 

Project Management and set up for all projects is undertaken by our specialized team. Following the delivery of the project, full Post-Sale-Support is provided by United Telecom.







In cases of complicated projects, we may organize Proof-of-Concept Tests in our owned fully equipped LAB.




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