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Green Policies

At UNITED TELECOM we recognize that all companies and their everyday activities interact with the physical environment in which they act.
As a result, we have developed a green policy trying to lower the impact of our activities on the environment.

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See below an indicative list of our activities supporting our the Green Policies:

  • We favor collaborations with manufacturers who actively exercise green policies and have a green agenda  applying green methods with concrete & countable results.
  • We apply widely REMOTE & MOBILE ICT technologies in order to access our own and our customers’ resources from anywhere, anyhow and anytime thus securing the productive work of our and their employees.
  • As part of our business, we promote specific technologies, which support our customers achieve good quantitative and qualitative results with green impact. As an example, we specially mention here the field of DataCenters.
  • Recycling is supported and encouraged actively within the company and is realized by collecting and recycling specific materials like (paper, glass, aluminium, wood, plastic, batteries, lambs, etc).
  • We prefer the purchase recycled raw materials, wherever possible.
  • Within our infrastructure, we preserve power by replacing older technology with more energy-efficient new infrastructures.
  • We actively support green initiatives in our professional and social environment, like participating in activities of the Chamber of Greek Engineers ( &


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