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Wireless Networking


Mobile demands that are running very much higher than not so long ago, call for a whole new set of systems, designs and thinking for Wireless LANs (WLANs).

The volume, the density, the complexity and the intensity of the new WLAN traffic is increasing exponentially.

Infrastructures put in place not very long ago, cannot cope with the speed, the volume and the security demands presented to them by the new users, their new devices and applications and their totally new pattern of traffic needs.

The new generation of mobile devices like smartphones and Tablets providing APPs for many areas of life, necessitate a more dense coverage of the WiFi area in enterprise premises, in public and private domains, as well as in the campuses of hotels, hospitals, sporting areas, education facilities etc.

asirmatidiktiosi2It is obvious nowadays that existing infrastructure has to be improved, the coverage has to be augmented, the signal must be boosted and it's presence has to be extended to all areas of the campus.

The new Mobility and Always-On type applications indicate loss of signal in real-time, a warning that users do not tolerate anymore.

Security and granular access levels are additional demands on behalf of the users (regular corporate users, guests as well as facility-visitors) of the WiFi system.

Low speeds, delays and other unexpected misfunctions are equally disturbing and are not tolerated, independently of technicalities that might cause them, like denial of service attacks, malicious traffic, torrents, etc etc.

Our Wifi solutions feature:

Controlled and Optimized
High-Tech 3-D Antenna Beams


Wireless Distance Bridging

801.11ac Speeds up to 7Gbps

Wireless Mesh

BYOD Everywhere

Channel Optimization in Wireless

Voice Calling & Unified
Communication over WiFi
Secure Wireless

Optimal Wireless Beams

Optimized Video Streaming

Location Based Applications

Wireless Unleashed

HotSpot Solutions

High Speed everywhere

The answer to this extended set of demands  requires modern intelligent systems which are flexible and able to adapt to increasing needs and :

  • Will cover Your needs and expectations during a number of years, thus protecting Your investment
  • Will enable You to control, measure, adapt and change the functional modus of the system
  • Will support the users of Your WiFi system by delivering to them a secure and reliable service
  • Will function Non-Stop providing highest possible reliability and availability
  • Will integrate value-added-applications (APPs) for special demands, like covering a  specific geographical zone, tracking of assets by use of Geolocation-Tracking, mobile telephony over VoIP and Roaming, manage Guest-access, and many more
  • Will provide secure access to all connected parties delivering a secure and granular service providing obligatory compliance with demands of regulation and law when necessary
  • Will provide an economically benefitial solution keeping satisfaction high and general expenses low in the years to come.

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