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Conferencing Solutions

Our proposal provides a full range of audio and video conferencing services, each designed to work the way you need, any time you need it, with custom solutions always available.

Our services portfolio includes:

conferencing1Assisted Audio Conference: where highly qualified conferencing specialists handle every detail, connecting each site to make sure your conference proceeds as planned.

Ιdeal for: Interactive financial results presentations, Press releases, Meetings of any kind, Distance Education.



conferencing2Reservationless: A do-it-yourself audio conference, where participants simply dial in to the designated number at the specified date and time and enter a passcode, with security and reliability, while an operator is always available during the call if the need should arise.

Ιdeal for: Ad hoc and informal phone meetings and announcements to smaller groups, typically less than 30 people.



conferencing3Video Conference: Video conferencing can be customized to meet your exact needs with quality, reliability and personal service.

Ιdeal for: Virtual visibility events that eliminate expensive and unnecessary travel but still maintain the value of being there.


conferencing4Webcasting: streaming audio, video or other media to any user with a computer and an internet connection, anywhere in the world, and is one of the most popular and exciting segments of the internet.




All the above services may be used in combination and enable clients to present their message with maximum interest and impact, providing the most immersive, detailed conferencing experience.

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