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Network Monitoring Solution

If a high performance network is a basic ‘must have’ for a functioning IT infrastructure in Your company,

If You need to ensure smooth business procedures, without complications, including the internal and external communication between various company locations, as well as with clients and partners

Then You need a network monitoring service which constantly monitors processes in the network, performs analysis and alerts IT personnel as soon as an error occurs or critical values are exceeded, in order to keep track of the availability, performance and bandwidth usage in Your IT network.



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Our Network Monitoring Service is powered by Paessler’s PRTG Network Monitor, and it can deliver to You Professional Network Monitoring, featuring:

  • Automatic discovery of your network
  • Monitoring your network 24/7
  • Alerts before emergencies or bottlenecks occur
  • Fast implementation
  • Fits flexibly into Your budget
  • Most reliable technology
  • Helps You keep Your business healthy
  • You can avoid expensive outages 
  • You can reduce costs by buying only the hardware you need
  • You can stop wasting time putting out fires.
  • You can Monitor the Bandwidth usage and find Out Who Is Using Your Network, For What
  • Runs on standard Windows versions: server or workstation, 32 or 64 bit
  • You can enjoy In-Depth Reporting
  • Reports in HTML or PDF format
  • Reporting tasks can be run ad-hoc or scheduled (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Historic monitoring data can be exported as HTML, XML, CSV
  • More than 30 report templates included
              • Detailed graphs and data tables for one or more sensors
               Uptime/Downtime (% and seconds)
              • Good/failed requests (% and totals)
              • Top 100 Bandwidth Usage
              • Top 100 CPU Usage
              • Top 100 Ping Times
              • Top 100 Disk Space
              • Top 100 Uptime/Downtime
              • And several others


More Time for Essentials

A monitoring solution generally proves itself through early recognition and reporting of errors, malfunctions and exceeded thresholds, and thus enables immediate intervention. In addition, IT personnel no longer have to keep constant watch over all network components, including servers, desktop computers, applications, traffic, etc. As such, the monitoring system saves in two ways on valuable time, which the administrator can use effectively for other tasks.

Added Security

A monitoring solution also contributes significantly to the security of a network. If the solution reports a sudden jump in CPU usage or if traffic values suddenly differ significantly from the norm, this can be an important hint for the IT staff of possible malware or phishing attacks. Network monitoring software can be easily integrated into existing security concepts that have virus scanners, firewalls, etc., to provide additional security.


Control is Better

Network monitoring solutions offer IT personnel more control over their field of responsibility through comprehensive monitoring of the entire network infrastructure and immediate alerts. The IT team has the network under constant observation and is provided with detailed insight into network processes and the usage of individual resources. The current status and other detailed information are available at any time. As several solutions provide remote access or smartphone apps, the administrator can even take care of his or her network when they are not on location. This significantly reduces the stress factor for the entire IT department: as long as no alert has been reported, the personnel can assume everything is working smoothly

Financial Savings

As professional network monitoring solutions with large functional ranges are being offered for reasonable prices, these solutions put little stress on IT department budgets while offering high potential for saving time and resources. They also prevent significant financial losses caused by delayed failure identification. While selecting a solution, it is important to ensure that the manufacturer provides a transparent licensing model. This prevents the user from having to buy necessary functions as separate add-ons.

Network monitoring solutions ensure quick reactions by reporting error messages in time and, thus, eliminate down time significantly, if not completely. Analysis of the actual network status makes it possible for IT personnel to account for weak spots or usage peaks and to adjust, replace or cut these out accordingly before they lead to serious impairment of business processes.

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