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Solid Foundation


The High-Performing Networks designed and built by us @ UNITED TELECOM SA are based on the following cornerstones:




THE single and uniform Network Operation System across all systems: JUNOS

Juniper Networks® Junos® operating system provides a common language across Juniper’s routing, switching and security devices. The power of one Junos OS reduces complexity in high-performance networks to increase availability and deploy services faster with lower TCO.

What sets Junos OS apart from other network operating systems is the way it is built—one operating system delivered in one software release track and with one

modular architecture.

The consistent user experience and automated toolsets of Junos makes planning and training easier, day-today operations more efficient, and changes faster in the network.

Further, one operating system integrating new functionality in software protects customer investment, not only in hardware, but also in internal systems, practices, and knowledge. And that means not only lower TCO, but also greater flexibility in meeting the new needs and opportunities of the business.



Junos integrates network routing, switching, security, and network operating services in a single network operating system to reduce the complexity of a network.

Running the Junos network operating system increases reliability, reduces the time required to deploy new network operating services, and decreases network operation costs by up to 41%


 youtube Junos Intro

 Juniper's approach is right 

The Power of ONE Operating System

JUNOS is Different by Design

The key advantages of Junos OS derive primarily from how it is built—what Juniper calls: 

The power of one differences:


• One operating system across all types and sizes of platforms reduces the time and effort to plan, deploy, and operate network and security infrastructure.

• One release track meets changing needs in software with stable delivery of new functionality in a steady, time-tested cadence.

• One modular software architecture provides highly available, secure and scalable software open to automation and partner innovation.





 Introduction to Juniper Lab 1

 Introduction to Juniper Lab 2

 Introduction to Juniper Lab 3

 Introduction to Juniper Lab 4


youtube Video Junos Intro Part-1

 Video Junos Intro Part-2

youtube Video Junos Intro Part-3

youtube Video Junos Intro Part-4

youtube Video Junos Intro Part-5

youtube Video Junos Intro Part-6


youtube Junos Automation


 How to install JunOS Olive in VMware Fusion


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Juniper Care combines traditional 24x7 support, E-Support, E-Learning, and Service Automation. More than a simple break-fix service, Juniper Care helps you to meet network demands with technical and operational support designed to keep your network running reliably while protecting your high-performance networking investment



· Scale your operational team to new heights and leverage multi-layered security features through Service Now management capabilities.

      ·  Increase your operational effectiveness and lower operational expenses by using Service Now to reduce the time necessary for problem identification, troubleshooting and communication with Juniper Networks technical support. 

        ·  Dramatically simplify operational processes through self-diagnosis and automated incident reporting to significantly reduce mean-time-to-resolution (MTTR); increase uptime, allowing staff to concentrate on higher priority tasks that drive the business. 

        ·  Increase operational efficiency by automating detailed inventory management.

·  Improve operational stability with early identification of incidents that are reported in real-time, allowing for preemptive diagnosis and repair, increasing the availability of your network.


The Juniper Care Service is offered in seven different flovours: 


Complementary Options include the Resident Engineer and Resident Consultant.

 ·   The Resident Engineer  provides troubleshooting and operational assistance and expertise for a constantly growing list of technologies and products.

 ·   The Resident Consultant  provides highly customized network architecture and design assistance and expertise for a constantly growing list of technologies and products.

The Focused Technical Support engineering team has a deep understanding of your network architecture, design, layout, even the applications that your network solution runs on.




adobe-pdf-logo Juniper CARE


adobe-pdf-logo Juniper CARE Plus



 J-CARE & J-CARE-Plus  EndUser Support Agreement


 JTAC User Guide


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Junos Space is a comprehensive Network Management Solution that simplifies and automates management of Juniper’s switching, routing, and security devices. It is a critical component of our SDN strategy by providing a centralized management plane for a single point-of-contact into the network and a common management platform for managing and creating applications that meet specific needs.

Junos Space consists of a network management platform for deep element management, plug-n-play management applications for reducing costs and provisioning new services quickly, and a programmable SDK for network customization. Each of these components work together to deliver a unified network management and orchestration solution to help you more efficiently manage your network.


Junos Space benefits include:

 ·    Single point-of-view to manage network (including Security/Physical/Virtual/Wired/Wireless/Services)

       ·    Extensive automation with the platform and applications

       ·   Point-n-click/GUI-based service provisioning

              ·   Flexible ordering w/ new licensing model

              ·   QuickScalingofServices 

              ·    ReducedOPEX 

          ·    Rapid Deployment of Switch, Router, and Security Infrastructure

         ·    Reduced time for problem identification and resolution 


youtubeJunos Space Overview  

 The Junos Space platform provides a single abstracted network model across the Juniper networking infrastructure, and it extends this to third parties through standards-based Representational State Transfer (RESTful) APIs. 

The use of a standards-based Device Management Interface (DMI), an XML schema-driven device access API, zero day support for new devices, and a plug-and-play application environment, allows in-service device and software upgrades. 

Users can access the Junos Space platform functionality using a simple, Web 2.0 graphical user interface (GUI), which uses persona-based workflows and progressive disclosure to enable operator-centric and scope-specific visibility and control.

The Junos Space Platform is a unified approach for managing the network infrastructure and for designing and deploying new services. Junos Space offers a centralized network management and orchestration solution to manage network devices and services through a single-pane of glass for real-time visibility. This means one sign on, one user interface, one location to manage routers, switches, and security devices.




The Applications shown below can be added easily to the Base Platform in order to constitute a complete Network Management Platform:

·  Junos Space Security Director   As one of the Junos Space Management Applications, Junos Space Security Director helps organizations improve the reach, ease, and accuracy, of security policy administration with a scalable, GUI-based management tool. It automates security provisioning through one centralized web-based interface to help administrators manage all phases of security policy lifecycle more quickly and intuitively, from policy creation to remediation.


· Junos Space Network Director   – Junos Space Network Director is a smart, comprehensive and automated network management tool that enables network administrators to visualize, analyze, and control their entire enterprise network—data center and campus, physical and virtual, and wired and wireless—through a single pane of glass.


·  Junos Space Services Activation Director   As a Junos Space Management Application, Junos Space Services Activation Director* provides full MPLS L2/L3 VPN and Carrier-Ethernet service resource management, including automated network discovery, and workflow-driven service provisioning, validation, and troubleshooting, for cost-effectively scaling services and reducing the operational costs and enabling quick service rollouts.


·  Junos Space Service Now  Junos Space Service Now is the data management component of the Juniper service automation solution, a highly secure, customizable system that performs according to your specifications and within your security policy guidelines. Automated trouble detection and simplified trouble ticket generation process means that the time needed by your operations personnel to escalate issues to Juniper or Juniper partners is greatly reduced.  It is included in the Network Management Platform of Junos Space.


  ·  Junos Space Service Insight   Junos Space Service Insight enables proactive network maintenance, maximizes uptime, and allows customers to manage their networks faster and more effectively through actionable network intelligence and automated impact analysis specific to the installation. It is included in the Network Management Platform of Junos Space.

·   Junos Space Content Director   Network operators, enterprises and content publishers are all challenged to deliver web content to subscribers in a manner that is efficient, cost-effective and scalable. Juniper Networks Junos Content portfolio is a suite of next-generation content caching and delivery products that address these challenges. Junos Content can significantly improve the efficiency and scale of content delivery, and at the same time enhance end users' quality of experience. Juniper Networks Junos Space Content Director* accelerates deployment of Junos Content products by providing simple web browser-based Graphical User Interface for device configuration, rapid service creation and service provisioning.


·   Junos Space Virtual Control    Juniper Networks® Junos® Space Virtual Control allows users to manage, monitor, and control the virtual networks that run within virtualized servers deployed in the data center. Built on the Junos Space Network Management Platform, a software platform providing comprehensive FCAPS and element management of Network devices to help improve operator efficiencies.


With Virtual Control You can reach simultaneously six targets:


Below You can see how easy it is to modify the virtual infrastructure by use of the Junos Space Virtual Control system:


· More Junos Space Management Applications coming

youtube Junos Space Network Director Overview  

 Junos Space Network Activate Technical Demo

 Junos Space Ethernet Design Technical Demo  

youtube Junos Space Security by Design Technical Demo  

 Junos Space Security Director Presentation

 Junos Space Device Management Overview    


 Junos Space Virtual Control Overview     

 Junos Space Virtual Control Technical Demo 

 Junos Space Route Insight Demo  

 Junos Space Media-Flow Activate   

 Juniper Networks Service Automation Demo 

youtube Junos Space SDK demo    

adobe-pdf-logo Junos Space Overview



adobe-pdf-logo Junos Space Network Director



adobe-pdf-logo Junos Space Security Director




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