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M2M - Internet of Things - (ΙοΤ)

Through Machine to Machine applications, mobile communications will acquire its next one billion subscribers. Telemetry projects in electricity, fuel, gas, water, etc, are in development worldwide, while fleet management is a common practice for a lot of enterprises and public sector segments. The next evolution will be the internet in the car!

liseism2mThe networking of the smart houses fill finally lead to smart cities and the existence of such smart infrastructure will give a push in new investments and consequently in new jobs.

The investment on Μ2Μ infrastructures will be shortly amortized and while the expansion of M2M green infrastructure will increase exponentially the amortization of investment will ensure economy climax, by reducing constantly the cost of the infrastructures.





Μ2Μ integrated Infrastructure will serve applications such as:

Readout and transmission of public utilities metering data, with centralized data collection.
Reliable and secure data transmission of industrial systems through GPRS network, with transparent communication to remote M2M server.
Safety and security, fire alarm & signal transmitting solutions through mobile networks.
Comfort & Conveniance
Automatic & On-demant activations and actions, remote & automated processes.


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