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Security Consulting


The protection of critical corporate data has never been more difficult. The explosion of mobile devices, the emergence of the cloud and cloud-based services, the need to supply partners with sensitive data and the ever increasing burden of protecting confidential data from internal and external threats- all without sacrificing productivity- presents organizations with a significant and constantly evolving challenge.

Meeting compliance and privacy regulations requires industry knowledge, security expertise and a lot of maintenance and management focus. United Telecom extensive experience providing data protection solutions allows us to provide our clients end-to-end data protection solutions tailored for your environment that meet your risk management objectives without impacting business productivity or risk of regulatory noncompliance.

Our solutions may help your enterprise:

  • seconsulting1Risk assessment
  • Developing security strategy & policies
  • Regulatory compliance assessment
  • Meet governance, risk and compliance needs
  • Installing and maintaining all relevant infrastructure
  • Endorse securely mobility solutions
  • Manage emerging threats & vulnerabilities
  • Protect customer data loss
  • Prevent data loss & leakage
  • Safeguard intellectual property
  • Maintain the agreed security level

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